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Who Swings?

It is fast becoming easier to answer "Who doesn't swing?"

In the late 1970,s researchers questioned thousands of adults in the UK, and found that roughly 1 in 10 couples were involved, or wanted to become involved in swinging.

In 2005 researchers asked the same questions, and found that the number of people either involved, or trying to become involved in swinging had risen to 25%.

There have been similar rises in most English speaking countries and even bigger rises in European populations. With the exception of Greece, every European country has a healthy swinging population with most having over 100 swingers clubs to visit.

The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have growing swinging scenes, but due to the large number of small communities, it is not as open as the European scene.

The main definitions of Swingers are people who;

  • enjoy having sex with other people as well as, and usually along with, their regular partner .

  • enjoy watching their partner have sex with someone else (better known as a voyeur).

  • enjoy sharing their fantasies with their partner and other people.

  • enjoy having sex with lots of people (greedy girls such as JoJo.

  • enjoy going to swingers parties, hundreds of which are held every day, have a look at www.clubsandParties.com for one of the most complete listings on the web.

The main criteria for being a swinger is that you are open and honest with yourself, your regular partner and the people you meet.

Exactly Who Swings?

Anyone and everyone can be a swinger. Swingers are not defined by social class or religion, nor by age, as long as they are over the legal age of consent. (In most countries this is either 18 or 21. However in some countries the age of consent is lower, most genuine swingers, and all swingers clubs and parties still keep to the "no under 18´s" rule)

Most swingers do not discriminate against others on grounds of age, color, religion or class. However everyone has the right to choose who they do not play with, as if there is no attraction there will be no enjoyment.

Swingers in Uniform are looking for action everywhere, we have met and played with members of most uniformed professions.

There is a healthy swinging scene on many military bases around the world, and despite the rules and regulations forbidding such activity between different ranks the action is not limited to same rank action. We have met and played with Marines, Airforce personnel, Soldiers and Sailors, from privates through to Wing Commanders and Majors.

Nurses have a reputation for being very keen swingers and over the years we have met and played with many. Members of the police are also very active in the scene. The first single male to request a meet with Jo when we moved to Spain was a local member of the Guardia Civil.

Firemen everywhere seem to be a magnet for girls, we have met several over the years.

Jo met and did a photoshoot with a Prison Officer for one of our picture websites.

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